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Outdoor Advertising Strategy and Solutions


Tap into 38 years of outdoor advertising experience.

Based in Wisconsin, Badger Outdoor Consulting serves clients in the outdoor advertising industry nationwide. Paul Sara, president and owner, is an industry expert, with 38 years of experience serving markets across the United States.

From advising investors to firm owners to sales teams, Badger Outdoor Consulting offers expertise in all aspects of the industry, including mergers and acquisitions, real estate, public affairs, sales and strategic planning, digital outdoor, plant development and more.

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Based in Wisconsin, serving clients nationwide


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Areas of Expertise

Mergers & Acquisitions

Badger specializes in advising investors and industry newcomers targeting outdoor assets. Let us help you evaluate opportunities, improve your due diligence process, and ensure you are entering into a deal with a complete picture.


Low-performing sales teams can doom firms with even the best assets. Badger can help your team better understand prospects’ needs and unique market forces.

Real Estate and Plant Development

Finding the right locations and knowing the ins and outs of leasing are vital to the success of any outdoor firm. Badger can help advise on how to scout out new locations, evaluate existing ones, or audit leasing agreements.

Digital Outdoor

The arrival of digital signage has radically changed the industry. Regulations on digital signs vary greatly from region to region, and the needs of your next customer might best be met using new outdoor technologies. Badger is well-positioned to help you harness of the power of digital.

Public Affairs

Knowing the rules and regulations surrounding zoning for outdoor signage are key to acquiring new locations while also protecting existing assets. Badger works alongside you to understand and interpret the restrictions of the municipalities in which your business operates.

General Industry Expertise

With decades of experience in markets large and small, Badger can advise all types of individuals, agencies, organizations, and firms needing guidance on outdoor advertising industry matters.



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